Welcome to the my new site written in hugo. While busy, I’ve set up https via letsencrypt. (see tutorial. You can find the source code of the blog here. This is a reboot of my site, and an attempt to blog some more. So without further ado, let’s start blogging :) »

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Testing ES6 code

Recently, I’ve changed my webpack workflow, and switched to 6to5, to be able to write more of my React code in ES6 than the current jsx transpiler supports (and because 6to5 just rocks!). You can find this workflow in my boilerplate-webpack-react project. Switching was easy. I’ve just replaced jsx-loader with 6to5-loader and everything worked correctly. Writing code and developing is a breeze with this workflow, especially with react-hot-loader. I didn’t look into writing test though yet, and it took me a little while to find out how to do it, so I explain it here. »

About the site, about me

My name is Thomas Coopman and I’m a 29 year old developer. Recently I’ve officially started freelancing/consulting in my spare time. That’s the main reason for creating this site and blog. On this site you can find some more information about me. At the portfolio page you can see some things I’ve created. That page is empty at the moment but it will be coming soon. I’m a developer, mostly a web-developer (backend and frontend). »

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Creating this site

This is not valid anymore. The site is build with hugo This blogpost will be a about the why, but mostly about how I’ve created this site. I’ve created this site mostly for these reasons: Make myself visible on the web. Practice my design and web-development skills. Practice my writing (blog). Record things I’ve learned for myself. Maybe someone else will find something useful here. Content The contents of this site contain information about me, to make me more visible on the web. »

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Email thomas.coopman@infinitetree.eu Phone +32 491 08 06 16 Website infinitetree.eu Location Aartselaar - Belgium Profiles Github tcoopman Bitbucket tcoopman Twitter tcoopman Google+ thomascoopman »

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